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Your choice

March 14, 2015
By Gabbyyirene GOLD, Winter Garden, Florida
Gabbyyirene GOLD, Winter Garden, Florida
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I can admit that I’ve made rotten mistakes in the past that I regret.
But out of the two of us, it saddens me to say that I’m the only one.
You mess up time and time again but never once have you confessed your sins.
I’m the one who sits alone praying for forgiveness.
You're a perfect example of dishonest and disloyal conduct but at most each time you say “sorry”.
The worst part about it is that I forgive you time and time again.
No matter how many times you mess up repeatedly, I forgive you.
I do this because I love you and I’m in love with you.
You don’t return the same amount of this love and the worst part is that you take advantage of mine.
But this recent incident has crossed the boundaries.
You made a sticky situation that you couldn’t seem to get unstuck from.
My emotions were heightened by the latest mess.
More than anything I just wanted you to get down on your knees, stumble and fall while begging for my forgiveness.
I convinced myself not to make it easy for you this time.
The only problem was that you didn’t want to beg because you didn’t care that deeply for me.
So instead, you cut me off like a New York driver.
At first, this upset me a great deal.
I was missing you and I let that control my actions.
Somehow I was the one begging like a dog.
Except, this dog received no food at the dinner table.
I’m starting to come to terms with being ignored by the only boy I’ve ever loved.
It needs to be your choice whether or not you speak to me.
If your final answer is no then just remember that you chose this life for yourself.
It’s going to be a life without me.

The author's comments:

Don't stay with someone who doesn't care about you.

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