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So Far...

January 30, 2015
By MichaelAngelo SILVER, Socorro, New Mexico
MichaelAngelo SILVER, Socorro, New Mexico
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Favorite Quote:
Dont be afraid to be yourself.

-Everyone says it.

Just recently,
I was thinken about my old ways,
And how I used to act back in the day,
Well my day....,
And I'm starting to think,
That I changed,
At least that's what my friends say,
Wait what friends?
Oh yeah My old ones,
Ones I don't even talk to no more,
I don't ever hear them Knocken on my door,
But they say we still family,
But it's my responsibility,
To remind them they have a phone so they can call me,
I don't even get a text,
You see,
That's why I stopped,
That's why I do not,
Put in the time and effort to talk to u anymore,
Takes two people throw and catch a ball,
So why was I the only one who called,
And I know we got a life,
And i wanna do things right,
But I know you don't,
And I'm not different cuz I wont text you,
You think I am cuz I wont,
I don't know,
I may be wrong,
And I may be right,
I don't need your opinion,
And I ain't gonna fight,
And thanks to the friends,
Who stuck it out to the end,
Unfortunately it's after the end,
And the start of a new begining,
Bye bye revolution,
In the trash is our "constitution",
Our group faded,
As soon as it was created,
But hey,
We were childish and stupid,
So yes I've made some changes,
Got a house,
And a car,
Just so y'all know I look at the glass half full,
I swear life's been good to me so far....

The author's comments:

I guess you can say, I like to get personal with my writing. Im just looking for people I can relate to.

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