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House of pain

January 30, 2015
By MichaelAngelo SILVER, Socorro, New Mexico
MichaelAngelo SILVER, Socorro, New Mexico
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Dont be afraid to be yourself.

-Everyone says it.


Round and round we go,
We don't stop,
Oh no we dont,
We won't get off the ride,
We won't let go,
We want love in our life,
But we still question what for,
Are we doing things right,
Or are we losing control,
Searching for the light,
But it's so dark and cold,
Feels like I'm losing my friends,
This is the end,
This is it,
Don't ask me what I should do,
Cuz I just don't know,
I wish you guys,
Could read my mind,
So you understand how scared I get sometimes,
They tell me not to be afraid,
That I gotta be brave,
And I'm sitten in the house of pain,
While they are standing outside,

The author's comments:

Okay, this original peice I wrote was inspired by Yela wolfs verse in Eminems song, Twisted. I fell in love with the song and actually purchased my own version of the beat and wrote this peice. Like i said on my profile, I will probably never post an entire song but just a verse or two. This verse goes to my song, House of pain. 

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