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Homeless Children

December 27, 2014
By Sarelle PLATINUM, Winslow, Maine
Sarelle PLATINUM, Winslow, Maine
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Once upon a time,
There was a family of five
Who barely had a dime,
'Cause they were kicked out by the landord,
Even after they selled their ford,
After the daddy lost his job,
He went to work just to find out he'd been laid off.
They were kicked out on the streets,
No beds not even seats,
The children were a baby, six, and fourteen.
So they were forced to give their youngest kid away,
The poor thing only two months of age,
And the father
Tried comforting the mother
And the sister and the brother,
For weeks they cried, and they cried,
The parents felt so guilt with shame they thought that they would die.
Weeks turned into months,
But they still didn't have enough,
So the next one to go,
Was the oldest fourteen year old.
Tears rushing down her face as she left the box she now   called "Home",
The family once again ashamed,
To have to rip apart their family this way,
Weeks turned into months they sobbed,
They knew because they couldn't afford their children, that   their childhood had been robbed.
Now all that's left is the small boy,
Now he's seven, and his famiy has been destroyed,
But he still manages to somehow find joy.
After traveling without his siblings all those miles,
He can still somehow make his mother smile,
Through the tears and through the pain,
For about a year the child could still stay,
Then like all the others, He had to be given away,
It was nice to smile and nice to laugh,
But a smie didn't put food on the table they didnt have,
It didn't give them a house or a bed,
They still only had pavement to rest their head,
As hard as it was,
They never forgot their children's love,
Both the parents cried and were depressed for years
As they tried to stop the tears
Just long enough to get some pay to get off the streets,
Somewhere else besides a park bench to sleep.
The parents had lost track of time,
But they were sure more than four years had passed by.
A couple days later, A miracle occured,
They fond it quite obbsurd.,
When they saw their daughter, now a grown adult.
Dressed as sharp as a lighning bolt.
Tears came streaming out of her stunning eyes,
"Mom? Dad?" She ran to them as she cried.
Re-united at last,
They caught up real fast,
The parents found out that the others were fine,
She had been looking out for them since the middle child    turned nine.
The girl, (now a women), had her own place,
So now her parents had a hometo was their face.
Now that their daughter has taken them in,
They can finally be with their children again.

The author's comments:

This song/rap is about parents kicked out on the streets, and unable to provide for their children. They know they have to send them someplace where they are going to survive for sure. I hope you enjoy this!

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