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My arms are open

November 15, 2014
By Sarelle PLATINUM, Winslow, Maine
Sarelle PLATINUM, Winslow, Maine
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Dream like you will live forever,
Live like you will die tomorrow.

Hello, my sister,

I know it's been a while,

And I know that you live many miles

Away from home, 

But I want you to know you'll never be alone;



When you forgot how to breathe,

You know you can always call me;

When you don't know what to do,

I'll be here for you;

When you're having trouble hopin',

Just remember that my arms are always open, My arms are open, There always open, for you.


I don't know how often you think of me,

But baby please,

If you ever feel you don't know where to go,

You know you're still welcome in my home;

If you're ever full of fear,

You can call me I'm right here,

I'm here for you.





baby sister, you're not so little anymore,

But it's still okay to believe you can soar;

It's not easy to progress, 

But if you ever feel depressed,

You can call me any day,

If It'll help you be okay;


It's okay, You'll be alright,

Just keep going forwards, Running towards

That goal, If you believe it in your soul,

You can do almost anything, anything, anything!


[chorus 2x]


If you forget how to breathe, Please baby, contact me;

When you’re not doing so well, Feel free to call my cell;
Because my arms are open, They always will be open,
They’re open for you, always will be open for you;
Baby please feel free, To contact me,
Because my arms are open.

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