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Family or strangers

October 24, 2014
By Selemora GOLD, Middleburgh, New York
Selemora GOLD, Middleburgh, New York
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I thought family was always suppose to be there for each other.

I've already had a hurtful and unloving father and mother.

But is there an exception to this love that I don't know about.

Am I suppose to be in this family love or am I the odd ball out.

Is it to much to ask for the answers to my questions.

Or should I just keep going, and live with my depressions.

I really want to know does my family truly love me.

Or should I leave and let them be free.

Am I cared for by at least one of my family members.. Just one?

Or is my family on the last straw and them I'm done.

Shouls I wipe away my tears and get over the pain.

Life without family means there is nothing else to gain.

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