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Erudite from Utopia Maybe?

September 24, 2014
By Mariam_Jamal BRONZE, Lagos, Other
Mariam_Jamal BRONZE, Lagos, Other
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(Imaginary Person)- No such person exists unfortunately :-(

There's a person I know who's perfect
The best one ever could be
He's the best in class
Gets the highest marks
He is better than I can ever be


He topped his school

And still he's cool 

He's not a geek
Nor is he a nerd
His conversations if you've ever heard
Have wise words and are never absurd



Oh he's a prodigy

I am sure you'll agree


The poems he writes 
Will take to greater heights
Any questions you ask 
He will answer in a flash

He’s got many different names…
He’s been called professor lots of times
While many others call him a bibliophage


But he is lost in his world…
Conjuring up stories
That takes one’s breath away!

Oh he's a prodigy

I'm sure you'll agree (Repeat)

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