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November 22, 2013
By Long_Gone GOLD, Lansing, Michigan
Long_Gone GOLD, Lansing, Michigan
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There is a good side to everyting, if you look close enough

What I have become
What have I done
Gone and changed who I am for you
When did it go all wrong
When did I change into this
This is not what I wanted to be

Not what I wanted to do

I’ve turned into someone
That I thought I could never be
And now I can’t breath
And now I can’t go back (can’t go back)

Hurry hurry hurry
Come and help me
Hurry hurry hurry
Can no one hear me
Hurry hurry hurry
I’ve gone too far

Now I’ve gone and pushed you all away
As I sink into darkness
And I won’t come back
There’s no where to turn

I’ve gone too far (too far)
The world is bleak
And now I can’t go back

Hurry hurry hurry
Come and help me
Hurry Hurry Hurry
Can no one hear me
Hurry hurry hurry
I’ve gone to far

Can’t you hear me scream
I’m all alone
But the pain is gone
I am again my self

Life is always different
But death the same
Causing grieving in the wake
For you’re way too late

No need to hurry hurry hurry
I've helped myself
No need to worry worry worry
You've finally heard me
No need to hurry
For you've come up short

The author's comments:
Sometimes I've feel like I've lost myself. It makes me sad to think I let me change in ways I didn't want to. I've grown use to no help no matter how obvious I've made it. It's made me far too independent and I regret that but there is no going back. It causes me to have less friends and make more mistakes then I should.

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