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These Evil Things

October 11, 2013
By Icillict PLATINUM, New Holland, Pennsylvania
Icillict PLATINUM, New Holland, Pennsylvania
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Love <3

These evil things are charcol. They burn out wisdom from my cheeks. They take up mindless space, they never ask somebody.

These evil things are unknown. They wait to fight for freedom and then burn. They could never surrender to learn. They take the pot of love, they make it churn.

These evil things are beautiful. They all have fallen inside of your dreams. The immeminete dervision, is capturing we.
These evil thing are monsterous. There the ochrastra to your voice, they make the noise. The sound of rejoice. The quivering flakes of ashes kisses your days goodbye and away. So don't live up to tommrow, if you'll never know of today.

These evil things, they don't go away.

The author's comments:
Do you know your evil things?

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