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Spiderman 3 song

September 28, 2013
By LegendKeeper DIAMOND, Unadilla, New York
LegendKeeper DIAMOND, Unadilla, New York
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I was on top of the world,
swingin' high
With a ring in my pocket.
Ask MJ to be my wife,
and Harry's forgot all about his daddy..
When from out of the sky, like a bomb, came a parasite goo in a meteor.
Then all of a sudden, some strange things are happenin' to me.

I had friends,
and a girlfriend,
Now my job & friends are gone.
And I'm goin' a little goth
with black clothes on.

I have powers. (Power)
I showed respect. (Respect)
But not anymore.
And I've lost the love of the girl who I adore.

Let me tell you 'bout
Spi---der-man 3 (x3)
and the plot of it.

I got a suit that I think looks swell,
It turns out a danger,
it's all midnight black,
but I can't find myself.

To the ringing of bells,
I try to take it off,
and I succeeded.
Then my replacemt, Eddie Brock, got it all on himself.


(alternative chorus:
With great power comes great- responsiblity. (#3)

The author's comments:
The music and some of the lyrics are Randy Newman and Pixar's.
This was just made for fun, not for copyright infringement.

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