Proving Someday

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Well my father and I,
We would hope and we’d pray,
Thinking that someday
They’d change.

That someday has come,
And no one has changed
of you, We hope that you might
Simply feel the brunt pain.

We glance at the clock
Placed atop the desk table.
The hands, both ticking,
So fast and so able.

We hoped that this day
Would come sooner than later,
But what is to do
When there’s no one to favor?

This should be the first time,
That I stand atop the roof
You have stood on for me,
And scream of the heartache
That we did pay for thee.

Our chance of farewell
has not yet been lost…

So farewell now, and
good riddance to you all.
Yes, farewell mom,
We’re watching as you fall.

Oh mother of mine,
Won’t you look at our lives?
You see, we’re doing our best
But think of all the lost time.

You could’ve taken me to church,
And have been happy about it.
Or cleaned out your closet,
Worn a grown woman’s outfit.

Listen to the mean things
They said to me at school.
Held me together, like
an unraveling spool.

Been a good wife to the
Husband who loved you.
Opened your eyes to the
World that surrounds you.

Played leapfrog and dolls with me
As I turn five years old,
Opened your heart to me,
And accept being old.

Discouraged me from friends
Who have been sleeping around.
How old are they mother?
How can they be twelve?

Wear a real smile
That silently sings,
I’ll always love you,
My precious darling.

Well we’re moving on
And we’re not looking back.
The pain was so constant
I didn’t think I’d last.

But here we are proving
The whole lot of you wrong,
We hope and we pray
That you can hear this song.

We hope,
and we pray,
that someday,
You’ll prove us all wrong.

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