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Promises and Heartache

May 27, 2013
By zoosteddy GOLD, St. Elizabeth, Alabama
zoosteddy GOLD, St. Elizabeth, Alabama
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Shook, shook my heart aches, I, fell to the ground
With all the emotions that hit me on the first day of high school
When I first saw you, walking down those hall ways and instantly I knew
That I, I’m a man in love, with you

Promises and heart ache I felt when you, glance my way
But I knew it wouldn’t be easy to be the one that you saved
Since I was the one with the four eyes and mouth brace
You were out of my league, the kind of girl that jocks date

So when I saw you on that first day said I knew you’d be my heart break
But even when the whole football team punches my face I still felt the same way
So promises and heartbreak when you final came by my place you were the only
Girl for me but punches, beat downs is the only thing that I felt when I finally saw you

So promises and heart ache bruises on my face cause am the man in love with you
So you shook my world out of place but on the 14 of July with when the tears filled up your eyes
Cause the one you thought was dreamy became a liar and was just deceiving you and your best friend
But shook, shook and heart ache but you said yes when I invite you to my place, you felt the smile on my face we order take out and missed the school fair.

You told me about your dreams and said that you’ll never be so mean so in this perfect night when the moon shining bright I kissed your face and you left with a smile on your face.
But promises and heart ache now you’re the girl that I date.

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i just hope you like.

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