Be Free

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Do this do that. Thats all you hear.
You cant wear that, no not this year.
Ha, give me some more.
expected to wear tight dresses and very high heels.
It's funny how you do it like its no big deal.
And they always say Act like a lady.
and just Stop acting crazy.

*i'll be all over the world, woah.
ill be so free to finally be me.
there'll stopping me now, yeaaaah.
I'll be as high and higher than the clouds.
Once i lose the weight up on my shoulders.
I can finally act older.
All i need is to find strenght, to finally be free.

Oh look at me. i am so pretty.
Look at that she looks so fat.
Ha highschools pain in my
as your walking down the hall.
theres no one that you can really call
your real friend

So tell me what i suppose to beeeee
If i cant just be meeeeee-eeeeee
Tell me why i shoulddddd.
Stop my dreeeeeeeams

Cause im all over the world. yeah-eah
Im finally free to be me
You cant stop me know
im as high and higher that the clouds
I lost the weight up on my shoulders.
yeah i can finally act ooooolder
cause i found my strenght-anth
to final-ly beeeeeeeee freeeeee

to finally to finally be free
to finally oh finally be meeee

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