together (duet)

verse 1 (girl)`
i promise, i wont run from my past
but in the end, i only realize
you're still, apart of me
i'm trying to, let go of you
so i can see, what life has in store for me
but, i can hardly wait an see
(chorus both)
but i can't help but feel
the love, i sill have for you
as i see you leave, all the memories, rush back to me
an i can,t break free, i don't want to move on
i feel you fading away, i don,t want to let you go
your the rest of my life, i love you too much to let you go
(verse 2 guy)
last night i promised, i i would never think of you again
but my heart promises my wounds, will never heal
today i realize i can't see clearly anymore
i can't seem to see that, my hearts still fighting a war
an i believe that me an you were meant to be
(repeat chorus)
(verse 3 girl)
i'm losing my mind' my hearts going insane
i'm falling through the cracks in reality
an i need someone to help me hold on
(verse 4 guy)
I've lost my sight, an i'm losing my mind
i feel so weak, i feel so lost an broken
an i need someone to help me stay strong
(repeat chorus)
(verse 5 girl) i can see the pain in your face
i'd do anything to take your place
i wanna help you stay strong
(verse 6 boy)
i can see the tears you've cried for so long
i'd give anything to dry your eyes again
i wanna help you hold on
(chorus end both)
i feel the love we once had
an i won't stand to see you leave
i don't want to break free
i want all of our memories, i won't let them fade away
you are my life, you are my future
stay with me we can make this right
together we'll stay strong
together we'll hold on
we love each other too much to move on

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