How’ve I changed into a man?
I guess I’ll have to wait.
Am I who I thought I’d be?
Is changing now too late?
I’ve been introduced to so many new things.
Good, bad and in between.
Not everything is as it seems,
In this life.
I’ve been mistaken, wronged, and beaten down.
I know I’m not alone.
Have you ever felt these things?
That makes you miss your home?
Home is such a funny term.
One without definition.
It can really be anywhere, any place.
There are no set conditions.
Dysfunctions may be common.
To be without is quite rare.
Home is the only place to be yourself.
To strip your burdens bare.
To cut them to the core.
Going home will bring out the things,
You were clueless to before.
Home is what defines a man.
Although that sounds too rash.
A man becomes who he is,
From the things that shaped his past.
Once again, I ask about myself.
In search of this longing truth.
In order for me to truly see,
I first have to retrace my roots.

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