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My Story......

November 3, 2012
By AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
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Oh, little boy, have you lost your way?

Moving on from the times of visiting

That wishing well to pray

Throw a coin in the water

And make another wish

Revisit a much simpler time

Where ignorance was bliss

Where guidance was provided

When you had nowhere to go

A map, a compass, a new direction

But you still didn't know.....

Oh, little boy, go outside and play

And show me all the new friends

That you'll never make

They bully and tease

And you never seem to fit in

So on this journey you go, finding yourself

Until you're standing at the cliff

People screaming, everything you've done is wrong

Have you lost yourself inside a thousand songs?

They understand you, speak to you and not just to your face

They reached down inside for truth and uplifted understanding

From a sad and empty place

You progress through struggle, and onward you go

But you still didn't know....


Oh, young man, how far you've come and grown

Soon it will be time, to leave this place you've called home

So much you have cherished, so much you have built

Now repentance is farther away and you're blackened by guilt

So the first one was the trial, an act of love and contrition

That grew weary when new love was born, or maybe vindication

And after blood was gone cold, and her face was still full

She lay half-waking in a bed of white

She would love you all of her life until she passed before the new year's light

In your heart there is anger and resentment, confusion and pain

Where even the sunny months turn in to rainy days

But up there she still loves you, holding on you your dreams

And you replay re-cut movie scenes

In your heart of alienation, distance and growth

There is a place one day you're longing to call home

And you'll find a time, when cupid got it right

And true love will show

And someday you'll finally know

The author's comments:
A song-story about my difficult transitions in life

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