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When Rain Falls

May 5, 2012
By MollyJ BRONZE, Chandler, Arizona
MollyJ BRONZE, Chandler, Arizona
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I won’t ask you
To give me a break
It never worked before
With so much at stake
And I won’t tell you
To go get a life
It never worked before
And words cut like a knife
But that’s not worth it, no
I don’t want attention so badly
‘Cause when rain falls on asphalt
It shines more than ever
And storms pour down before rainbows come around
It’s like I’ve come from the tunnel and now I’m better
Trying to outgrow
It’s a relative term
And it makes me sick
How you always point out
The worst in me
But through the doubt
I’m more than you will ever be
And you’re not worth it, no
I don’t want your verdict so badly
And I don’t trust you, no
Yeah, I don’t love you, oh
Trying to outgrow your childishness
It’s a relative term, and not something I’ll miss

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