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Oh, Any Day.

April 19, 2012
By lalalexi BRONZE, Scottsdale, Arizona
lalalexi BRONZE, Scottsdale, Arizona
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We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are. - Anais Nin

I’m still waiting for you to decide where we’re going,
if you even want me by your side.
You’re the driver, but I navigate our ways
and the road map always stays
the same through our games,
counterproductive lullabies,
that put me in a restless sleep night after night
but maybe through the haze in your cerulean eyes you can somehow see what I’m saying.

you need to walk so many miles
in so many pairs of shoes.
you’ll rub the blues off of those soles from all that walking
in different
directions and change-no, not the kind in your pocket- but ambition, hung around your neck like a locket, a moral compass incase you’ve forgotten your way

but you’ll remember
anyday, anytime, you’ll make some reason out of all of these rhymes
and you will say
“oh, anyday.”

but today is just another day, I swear I wasnt thinking about you in any way... but
anyways, its harder these days to get my mind to match my words to match my lips and what I want to say.
but you conclude the most of it all:
you’ve never had a chance to trip me up before I fall.
when your backs pressed up against the wall
you can chalk this all up to fate.

oh any day, anytime
you’ll make some reason out of all of these rhymes
and you will say "any day."

one sided illusions and day-to-day dreams
our lives stitched up then ripped up again at the seams
we’re never running this race together so it seems to me
but one day the sun will shine
and we’ll both shake hands with Father Time
and he’ll sit us down and say “oh, anyday”

can I just cut in line?
before the sand all runs out and the last bell chimes
I’m holding on today.

one sided illusions and day-to-day dreams
lets make them realities
let’s run this race together, and play on the same team.
and on the day that the sun does shine
let’s both extend a hand to father time
and in synchronized tones we’ll say:
"and its bound to happen anyway
so lets make that day today"...
oh, any day.

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