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Blue Eyed Jackal

April 22, 2012
By _SoftSpot_ GOLD, Seabeck, Washington
_SoftSpot_ GOLD, Seabeck, Washington
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I wish it weren’t true,
But there’s a blue eyed jackal at my side,
Soul as shallow as a smoker’s,
Gold the color on his hide.

Won’t you kiss me now my jackal?
Let your passions run away,
Hold me closer now,
For you’re never one to stay.

You’re the eyes for your devil,
The whispers on his breath,
You mock me now my jackal,
You long for my death.

You care not for myself,
Yet only for it’s features.
Lusting for a lover,
Yet forever a preacher.

So don’t kiss me now my jackal,
For there’s poison on your breath,
Chemicals and roses,
All brewing discontent.

So leave me now you jackal!
There’s fire in the air!
Take those siren eyes,
And leave without a care!

Leave me now you liar,
Leave me now at home,
Keep me far away,
And leave me all alone.

Leave me now you foolish beast,
Leave me now and cease!
Leave this folly far away,
And leave me nill’ but peace.

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