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Say You're Sorry

March 18, 2012
By Danielle23 BRONZE, Cedarville, Arkansas
Danielle23 BRONZE, Cedarville, Arkansas
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"The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense." -Tom Clancy

I was the new girl
Who'd just moved in
A bit clueless
As to how things went
But even then I should've known
What you were like

You were that guy
Who acted so cool
This was your hometown
And I was a fool
I just wish I would've known
What you were like

As the weather grew colder
You and I grew closer
Looking back is sad
Because then I didn't know...

*You're nothing but a heartbreaker
A good-for-nothing player
You stole my heart
And left your mark
But now you want to walk away

And has it ever crossed your mind
That's it's just a matter of time
Before someone makes you regret
These memories I want to forget
I'll live to see the day
When you say you're sorry*

It's been a few months
But even now
I'm still trying
Just to live down
Those days that I wasted
Before I knew the real you

You've tried to make things right
But how can you sleep at night
Knowing you can't fix
The lies you told


What's it gonna take to make you realize
That all these tears you've watched me cry
Are all your fault

How long until you apologize
For every time you looked into my eyes
And swore she didn't matter
To you at all?

Oh, but you're nothing but a heartbreaker
A good-for-nothing player
You took my heart
And broke it apart
But I guess I'm still okay

I suppose it never crossed your mind
That it was just a matter of time
Before I made you regret
Memories I can finally forget
And I'll never forget the day
When you said you were sorry

The author's comments:
A song my friend asked me to write, actually. I didn't write it about myself. One of the few songs I've written that I like...!

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on Mar. 30 2012 at 11:41 am
SweetThing SILVER, Paradox, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"right now might be stormy weather but it cant rain forever"

sounds just like my ex :/ but really good song cant wait til someone sings it and i hear it on the radio :)