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March 25, 2012
By JoshMac PLATINUM, Rifle, Colorado
JoshMac PLATINUM, Rifle, Colorado
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You were crying
And the rain mixed with your tears
A bright light dying
A kinder heart never to be broken

A short reach across the table
Just as far as oceans span the sea
It's just as hard to reach you
As for you to reach for me

This pleasant scent
Undeserving in such a setting
French vanilla mixed with you
You and it are much alike
You both needed more than me

What have I become?
A crumbling person
And soon a shaking voice
From the other side of the world

What have I done?
Understand, I don't do this out of spite
Or I do this in spite of myself

A fleeting moment is the hardest to catch
And they always seem to get away
Two children, you called us
But adults at play

Perhaps that's true
And none of this is
Like so much steam
Rising from a rainy street
To vanish
Like myself
Into the sky

Let us depart now
Full of silent regrets
And promises I never meant
For you to keep

But know that I never lied
I only wanted to keep you

If I could see you
I wouldn't want to see tears on your face
So please, hold your head up
And look me in the eye
A parting's always harder if you can't even face "goodbye."

The author's comments:
Familiar with a visual novel called Katawa Shoujo? If not you won't get the full meaning behind these lyrics; it's for music I'm making with a friend. But maybe you'll appreciate them objectively.

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