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The Parts of Speech Song

December 3, 2011
By Fantasia80 GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
Fantasia80 GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Nouns (to Bingo)

There was a person, place, and thing
And also an idea
They’re persons, places, things, or ideas!

- - -

Pronouns (to Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star)

Pronouns, pronouns, take the place
Of a noun or more of nouns.
He and she and them and they
Are examples that we write.
Pronouns, pronouns, take the place
Of a noun that’s overused.

- - -

Adjectives (to London Bridge)

Adjectives describe a noun
They can be articles.
Small, big, fast, slow, excellent
A, an, the apply as well.

- - -

Verbs (to Erie Canal)

I’ve got a verb. It’s an action.
Or it could be a state of being.
Run, jump, kick, play, it’s that sort of thing.
It’s an action or a state of being.

A verb can tell what’s happening.
Or it’ll say what something is.
There are action verbs and helping verbs.
And verbs are used more than you really think!
Skip, swim, is, are is the basic idea!

Verb fun!
It’s not hard to do.
“To be”
And all those infinitives.

Verbs are simple and not new.
They are an action but
They will possibly be another:
State of being.

- - -

Adverbs (to Blue Danube Waltz)

They modify verbs
Adverbs! Adverbs!
And adjectives too.
Adverbs! Adverbs!
And even themselves!
Adverbs! Adverbs!
They’re one level up.
Adverbs! Adverbs!
You feel like you’ll die!
Adverbs! Adverbs!
You’d better watch out
To not write them
When you’re writing formal papers!

- - -

Conjunctions (to Old Mac Donald)

Conjunctions are so easy
And, but, or.
There’s a way to think of them.
It is called FANBOYS
F is for
A is and
N is nor
B is but
O is or
Yet’s y
S is so.
Now you know what all of them are.
A+ on your quiz!

- - -

Prepositions (to Celebration)

Prepositions direct you!
In and between.
Prepositions relate nouns
And pronouns to words.
Across, to, below, above.
It’s time to relate nouns and pronouns.
It’s time to relate nouns and pronouns.

- - -

Interjections (to Pop! goes the weasel)

Parts of speech get much easier
When you get interjections.
They express emotion and don’t really matter!
Whoa! Ouch! Uh-oh!

- - -

Finale (to We’re All in This Together)

Now you know all eight of them.
Nouns, pronouns
Action verbs
Adverbs, and more.
Conjunctions, prepositions!
-tions that aren’t
To dear grammar.
Now you know your words
And the work that they all do!
They don’t seem so bad
Now you can write like the pros!
Now you know your words!
And the work that they all do!
That was fun!

The author's comments:
*Please note that there are multiple sections to different tunes.

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i'm liking this! It's so nice, takes me back to 3rd grade english class, the good old days anyways keep posting (: 
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