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Have you seen me

June 19, 2011
By Jerzchik BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
Jerzchik BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
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Have you seen……me

she’s seen it all before

She’s careful not to get hurt

Pain is her biggest fear

No more will she fall into the dirt

She’s always on the run

She’s always on the go

Hiding from love whenever it comes

Because she knows, she knows, she knows

She can always get hurt again

Attention, attention all hearts

News just came in she’s ran away again

Ran away from love

If you could find her

She hides behind her smile

Hoping you can’t see the pain

Behind the tears that don’t fall from her eyes

She’s got many scars

They cover her whole heart

She can’t be very far, she can’t be very far

Just follow the pieces
Of a broken heart

she’s been through it all

I can see why she doesn’t trust no more

She promises no man is gonna bring her down

But yet she still hits the floor

Next time
She’ll fight before she touch the ground

She’s stronger now

The pain has also made her gain strength

She’s found

Her journey has taught her a lesson

And has also been her blessing

She knows who to trust, she learned how to

Distance, but her and her heart is still missing

I’m picking up the scent yea I smell the sorrow
I can see the tear drops yea I began to follow
I’m hearing the cries of a broken heart
I can feel the pain as if we were one
As I look in the mirror and the tears
Start to fade away everything becomes
Clearer to see, that the she I was looking for ….is me
Attention, attention all hearts

News just came in she is now found

It was me all along

Yes I now found me
I hid behind my smile

Hoping you couldn’t see the pain

Behind the tears that didn’t fall from my eyes

I had many scars

They covered my whole heart

I wasn’t very far, I wasn’t very far

Just followed the pieces
Of my broken heart

The author's comments:
if you have been hurt many times before this song is for you

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