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Did You Mean It?

June 2, 2011
By LittleRedFox GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
LittleRedFox GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"Help me mother, save me father. Keep me from fading away. Send me hope. Send me love. Remind me your not far away." The quote can mean whatever you want it to, but to me, it's about God, Our Father, and Mary, Our Mother.

I am stunned by your voice.
It's like you were forced,
To do this!!
Oh, no, no,
Please tell me you didn't mean it!

<b>It's not like I'm dying,
It's not like I'm crying!
How could you?
Why did you?
I can never look at you,
The same way again!
Feel my anger,
Watch the words form,
See a tear fall,
As I ask you…
Did you mean it?<b>

Speechless you turn away,
Broken I hear the words in my brain,
"God, I can't wait till May!"
Guess I've driven you insane.

So… now I know(2x)
You ment it.

The author's comments:
This song is true. I literally had a family member tell me they couldn't wait to get rid of me. So in the blur of my tears I wrote this.

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