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I Am Cupid

April 18, 2011
By darkdestro27 PLATINUM, West Jefferson, Ohio
darkdestro27 PLATINUM, West Jefferson, Ohio
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I am cupid the angel of love
Decending from the heavens up abive
I shoot forth theses arrows
One goes high the other goes low
The gods have found true love
And a mortal has seen heaven above.
Bring me the arrow of truth
To forever serve me in the founatin of youth
One day my arrow missed
Now the gods are very pissed
Because love roams free
in a flower called the pansy
to take the ones I care for the most
and make something of myself
its time to be a host
to share my wealth
as love roams free
to gather my health
and show my glee
I will live my life, without a lie
I am cupid, hear my cry
Love is a string that can not be cut
It’s a powerful door that does not shut
There are many reasons to follow your heart
Because cupid knows best from the very start
I am cupid the angel of love
Descending from the sky’s above
To show the world my love for you
Like the beautiful sunset that holds true
The arrows are from, my heart to yours
Because we are from different worlds
I see your eyes as clear as the sky’s, in a world that is no longer true
They have there very own shade of blue
Your love is like a drug that has no paine
Without you I have nothing to gain
With you in my life the thorn is removed
With you at my side I have so much to do
I love happy endings they are so rare
A lot like my love that is always there
I am cupid singing from above
No one can withstand my arrows of love.

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