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March 13, 2011
By imaginarydreamer BRONZE, WOODINVILLE, Washington
imaginarydreamer BRONZE, WOODINVILLE, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
Always think of your audience, Swift advises, and don't baffle them with "obscure terms" and "hard words." Lawyers, surgeons, clergy, and especially academics should avoid using jargon when communicating with outsiders. "I know not how it comes to pass," he says, "that professors in most arts and sciences are generally the worst qualified to explain their meaning to those who are not of their tribe."

Bones, thin like air
surely, not as frail
Bound the sutures
let's create Structures
Forgive but don't Forget
i long your touch, your taste, your scent
i'd love to embrace your personality;
wrap it around my finger and be with you all the time
this place is a beautiful world
you Forgive and Forget
so let's start again

The author's comments:
inspired by someone i love(d)

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