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Wiccan Dreams/ Pagan Nightmares

March 18, 2011
By AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
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" Art is beauty everlasting "

There is a darkness growing beyond the borders
It slithers up your spine as you draw an icy breath
You shed a tear as the final embers smolder
It foretells a tale of doom, it forecasts your impending death

Where the shadows move across the trees
The wolves have beckoned your spirits near
They howl across the starlit sky, it brings you to your knees
Of the hairs that stand on end, yes they smell your fear

Submissions of a different kind where nature is the lord
Heaven and hell reunite today, to share the path to glory
I hope for your sake you're protected by 10,000 angels
Because your demons will come to get you whilst you slumber
So guared yourself well tonight, the devil is never bored
Whether you pass or fail come dinnertime I'll be sure to tell your story
I could encircle or enshroud it from a thousand different angles
The witches will ride through the night, through the lightning and the thunder

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DevonP SILVER said...
on Jan. 15 2012 at 3:25 pm
DevonP SILVER, Wolcott, New York
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" There's nothing wrong with me, this is how i'm suppose to be in a land of make believe that don't believe in me" - Greenday

While it is a beautiful poem Witches do not believe that a devil exsist.

on Apr. 12 2011 at 8:04 pm
MumblingMelanie DIAMOND, Jackson, Missouri
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Don't be a victim; be a titan.

I love it!

Beautiful :)