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Don't Forget to Remember

February 26, 2011
By moreasul BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
moreasul BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
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Don't leave me here just hanging
Were you just sitting there waiting?
Can't believe you would go and do it
Was it me that drove you to it?
Cast your spell
And then run away
From this place
Why would you put us through this?

Don't forget to remember
Me everyday
Don't forget to remember
Me in every way
All the things we did
And all the nights that we spent
In the snow fort factories
Don't forget to remember
All of the happy times
Always keep me in the
Back of your mind

Suddenly in the blink of an eye
You were gone and erased from our lives
Jesus Christ help us to find all the answers
Or leave us buried in these questions like they're cancer

(Repeat Chorus)

Why would I remember all the lies?
Just trying to keep order in our lives
Sitting her just questioning
If our lives were just a big facade
And nothing more than an irritant to you

(Repeat Chorus)

I can't believe this is happening
Was it all a joke?
Are you laughing at me?

(Repeat Chorus)

I don't want to remember

The author's comments:
a friend of mine had her mom run out on her family a while ago, so i wrote this to try and help her out ^^

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