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The Bullet

September 5, 2010
By IansLover GOLD, Otisco, Indiana
IansLover GOLD, Otisco, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
"Moshimo anata kanarazu no naka de ai... ai to issho ni anata no kokoro soshite tamashii."

(translation: If you fall in love.... Love with your heart and soul.)

Your love is the bullet
You are the gun
I was your moon
And you were my sun

Your love is the bullet
That peirces my heart
Shot from the gun
That pulls us apart

Your love is the bullet
That makes me bleed
You are the one
I want and need

Your love is the bullet
That makes me die
Shot from a gun
That cheats and lies

Your love is the bullet
That kills me dead
Shot from the gun
Thats filled with dread

The author's comments:
I'm not sure why I wrote this... My relationship has been going pretty good lately. I usually only write stuff like this when I'm depressed. But I guess what this piece is about someone who was heartbroken by someone they love, yet no matter how much they hurt, they will still love the person that is hurting them.It could be a boyfriend/girlfriend situation, husband/wife thing, or maybe even a friend or family issue. It's up to you. I wanted to write something that can be taken in many directions. Anyway, hope you like it. Please comment and tell me what you think!

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