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Ashes Over Me

August 8, 2010
By DayofRain50 GOLD, Robbinsville, New Jersey
DayofRain50 GOLD, Robbinsville, New Jersey
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Cinder puddle droplets
Flurry around me,
Wind and souls howling

Holding me
Is remembrance of you
Love’s history,
My memories,
They speak with me
They laugh with me,
They scream with me,
They cry with me, yeah

A smile to the ears
A dance at school
A kiss on the cheek
A ride on the carousel
A walk on the beach
Sandy feet still carved into the earth

The windows have shut,
As we sleep in bed
A knee on the grass
A touch on the hand
A rocky band around our flesh
Our hands, they burn and melt to one

The children still play
Alone, we stay at home,
Doors locked
And windows still closed
Until breath transcends us

Oil stains bleed
Through the new walls
Ashes shower over me,
Past soaking me,
Washing away into the ocean knolls
Mixing with the young dust
Visages of the past
Dripping like pouring rain

I don’t know about you
But I still remember
What there is to remember
When we were bound
To our own physical plane

Coffee and cologne
Calluses and art
Rowdy giggles and frowns
Beaming grins and smiles

The way I loved you
The way you loved me
Engraved onto our bands
Branded onto our hearts
Ashes rain down over me
Drowning into a dry burning sea

Love’s history,
My memories,
They speak with me
They laugh with me
They scream with me
They cry with me
They beat with me

They breathe with me
They breathe me
And I breathe you

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