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why do this

July 31, 2010
By angelbee16 SILVER, New Haven, Connecticut
angelbee16 SILVER, New Haven, Connecticut
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dont be brave be bold

i run
i hide
i see
i see nobody wants me here
now there making rules on how i look
arrest me im mexican
no i've been here for all my life
but does it matter anymore
am i a problem
but it doesn't matter to the people im not a person
i'm a immigrant
my opinion doesn't matter to anybody
i go to school
i go to work
i go to the store
i am treated different
it won't stop here
there trying to take us out
not me im here to stay

The author's comments:
this is about that law if you look like your illegal then you can be held in a holding cell and interrogated and i think its not right

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