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Your lips

June 20, 2010
By songofsadness SILVER, Jordan, Minnesota
songofsadness SILVER, Jordan, Minnesota
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life is gonna end either way, It takes people with mental illness to build the world.

Why do your lips tempt me oh I just can't see why when you speak I hear your heart pour into the world, oh I love you so why don't I see that your lips are sealed when I tell you something, and now let me tell you something girl your are the light and I am the dark we were born so far apart but it's the gods design that we were ment to be together with each other forever oh oh, but we need to correct our flow of light to help each other so again I say you are the light and I am the dark we were born so far apart but were ment to be together forever and ever wooh oh I love you to much to let go of you if you die I will hold you in my heart so tight that I'll never forget the first time I looked into your eyes I could see that you were like me and I thought I might love others but your the one that's meant for me, I love you girl ohhhhhh oh oh ohhhh

The author's comments:
I was listening to lips of an angel by hinder and thought of my friend that is exactly like me but also the poler opposite of me so I love her so much and she loves me (stupid no outside relationships rule) oh well thanks for reading (if this gets put on the site) =) :) ;) :0

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