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Predator in the night

June 22, 2010
By h3yth3r3 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
h3yth3r3 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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In the dark mist of the night
I will be free
free like wind
that brings your scent to me

I will let loose
and be free
free, free, free

He will watch and stare
and I'll let loose my hair
and let him know
that I am free, free, free

In the lime light he approaches
and he watches me twirl and twist
he moves in and grabs me
and we are free
free, free, free

Tonight I am free
I am free until the moon light fades
and the sun breaks the horizon

Together, for now
we are free, free, free

But once we are alone
I will take him into me

And I will have him for eternity
forever and free, free, free
Only me

The author's comments:
Inspiration from the many blood sucking novels I love to read.

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