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over you

May 17, 2010
By skittlzLover SILVER, Cleburne, Texas
skittlzLover SILVER, Cleburne, Texas
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forget love... as long as I got music then i'm good!!!!!!!!

there you are walking with your freinds because you're so much popular than me my friends tell me you're just trying to get my attention
Chorus:well baby thats fine do what you want it doesn't matter if you text me if you walk in front of me a million times or if you date my best friend because i'm over you oh woh oh yeah
well i used to cry all the time cuz you broke my heart so many times and no matter what my friends where right there
repeat chorus
so next time you wanna break my heart think about it and think about how i'm over you and when you're missing me i'll be in his arms so ya you're too late because i'm over you

The author's comments:
Thanks too Justin my ex crush for inspiring all my awesome songs... now i need someone else!!!!!!!!!

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