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May 5, 2010
By DestroyedTaylor. GOLD, Campbell, California
DestroyedTaylor. GOLD, Campbell, California
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"i'd fly to the moon and stars for you, just please don't stop loving me..."

i remember when i first saw your face, your curly hair came down to your shoulders and your smile took my breath away... I couldn't help but notice that you were looking at me... I know you have plenty of girls knocking at your door but baby, i've been waiting on your porch all night and day... Sometimes you'll send me nerve wrecking texts and sometimes i'll overreact over things i shouldn't bat an eye about... i know you hate drama and together we attract it... but with you i'll withstand anything... we'll get through the worst and work up to the best and i promise it will stay amazing till the end....
the first time we kissed left me seeing stars and the first time we looked into eachothers eyes,,,, made me believe in butterflies... whenever i'm close enough to hear you breathe... i pray we can stay the distance. Can you pull me a little closer to your heart dear? i'll be here through the worst of times, i promise you will never be replaced, i only have eyes for you and it will always stay that way.

i won't say i love you... because you can't say it back....
So i'll just say i want you...
because we can both handle that.

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