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The Rules of Blushing

February 5, 2010
By OneBarProductions PLATINUM, Union, Missouri
OneBarProductions PLATINUM, Union, Missouri
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"You think it is the living that will have the ultimate judgement over you, but it's the dead that will have no claim over your soul"

Please girl, won't you look at me
so you can see
the way I turn my head
and keep to myself so nervously

When you move so sweetly,
I want to be
in your presents so I
can feel like I am somebody

Because girl, these are the rules to blushing
don't you kow, you got me down on my knees
Relationships, people are so rushing
Cause these are the rules to blushing

I'll listen to every story
and try to be
a kind, well-played sport
though the stories,I wish were you and me

Most memories would fade
but the way you've made
me there's no going back
because to me, you're my beautiful sparkling diamond jade

I was forced to break the rules of blushing
I can see there's no exchange
my hearts beats are crushing
because you're the first rule to blushing

The author's comments:
This is for someone special to me, but it could be used to anyone who shares that little crush of yours

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