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Locked Away

January 9, 2010
By more_weight PLATINUM, Danville, Virginia
more_weight PLATINUM, Danville, Virginia
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Deep inside this mind
Sits a girl, chained in lies
With all the thoughts in her head
So loud and filled with hate
Around her dances doubt
Chanting lies she has told
To block out the dark

She has been locked away
Eyes closed to keep it out
Deep in her stomach
Builds the urge to scream
Fear keeps it away

Caught in her own trap
She never saw it coming
This mouth spat daggers
As the mark hid the face behind
She is imprisoned
By her own stupid actions
An eye for an eye
Makes the whole world blind

She has been locked away
Denying what she has done
Won't open her eyes
Afraid to look
At what she's become

Sick girl, caught in her own web
Will she ever be free?
Growing cold in the cell
Without escape or a key
No heart left
Just a putrid mess of despair
Will she ever be free?

She has been locked away
Chained and bound
What crime was committed?
Was the jury sound?
What crime was committed?
Not one of violence or blood
But a crime of words

She'll never be free
She'll never, ever be free

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