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December 17, 2009
By dreamer721 BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
dreamer721 BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
Why is it that we love the ones that ignore us, and ignore the ones who love us?

Flowing like a river,
Fast as the wind.
Going somewhere I don’t know.
So unfamiliar.
Chance in a million,
That I will survive.

Running away isn’t as easy as it seems.
The pain and the whole in my heart,
Still there.

The rain is now falling,
And I’m balling.
It’s like never is now,
The world around me
Has now collapsed.
Time has run out
And everybody has been burned.

No time for love,
No time for pain.
No time for anything.
Nothing’s fair so,
Forget this.


Nowhere to be found,
The water’s overtaking me.
Somewhere over the hill,
Is where I am.
Nobody look for me,
There’s no use.

The sun is setting,
And the moon is rising
I may miss everybody,
When my world has collapsed

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