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Go to hell

December 8, 2009
By DestroyedTaylor. GOLD, Campbell, California
DestroyedTaylor. GOLD, Campbell, California
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"i'd fly to the moon and stars for you, just please don't stop loving me..."

I've been feeling so vulnerable...
i wish that you were mine...
you slipped outta my hands and went right there up in the sky

you think you know me well, well you really don't know and i know that you thought i was that "someone" well bull*!%@ thats it now it's going down!!!

Chorus: This break-up really hit me hard
it was more hardcore than when you would play guitar, i know you'd change your mind if you really knew me, too bad because this could've been something, i'm glad i didn't waste my time on you and the funny thing is now we are through... im over you

bridge: we were great while it lasted and thanks for all those kisses, they were fantastic and i hope you know that i did fall hard.. and that you should go to
hell... after all.

Chorus: (x1)

you were completely heartless, and i'm glad that you feel accomplished and when i see i hope you know, im gonna spit on our face and rip out your soul (if you even ever had one) you left me speechless with envy, too bad you were just pretending and im glad "i wasn't worth it" because you are wrong

Chorus: (x1)

i'd give you all the chances you wanted but the problem is that people never change and i hope you i wanted only you and me..

chorus: (x1)

go to hell... after all.


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