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True Lies

October 19, 2009
By Madeline.Pearl PLATINUM, Smithville, Texas
Madeline.Pearl PLATINUM, Smithville, Texas
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What if... we all where told that we were made for something greater. would you bealive the lie. for the liars sake, and bealive in fate.
Do you... bealive in god. or just a nother pack member trying to make there way through the ocean of hate . dooo you bealive in a life after, or are just hopeing theres more to this
What would happen if we all found out that our life had no purpose. and we where just here. to live. then die, how would you react. would you be swallowed in fear, and your heart attacks you. weve fall soo near to the land wich we stand. and yet....

These lies seem to hold more interest than the facts them self.
Can We even bealive in anything else

Doo you bealive....
you do bealive.
That there is a god, and for some random reason he wanted to invent a species of love and cruelty
but As For me... theres no need to bealive in Lies....
Ive heard enough of them... its over... time to just roll over and head into the black abyss...

I cant bealive... (ooooh ohh oooh)

How do you bealive...


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