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Growing Young (revised)

October 15, 2009
By yaelephant5 PLATINUM, Potomac, Maryland
yaelephant5 PLATINUM, Potomac, Maryland
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"Writing, I think, is not apart from living. Writing is a kind of double living. The writer experiences everything twice. Once in reality and once in the mirror which waits always before or behind."

Growing Young
Verse 1: Looking in the mirror
I see wrinkles on my face
Bags under my eyes here
I wish I could erase

Verse 2: I wish I didn't feel so scarred
I wish I could replace
My skin full of rips and tears
Salty tears that left a trace

Chorus 1: Some complain of getting older
I complain of getting young
Maturity is a molder
Innocence can't be re-won

Verse 4: Can I erase these tired bones?
Can I repeat the past?
Can I discover different tones?
Can I play the background last?

Verse 5: Behind me are my past times
Reversed and reflected
Searching for reason and rhyme
In painful introspection

Chorus 1: Some complain of ugly noses
I complain of beauty marks
Some desire blood red roses
I want peace and endless dark

Verse 6: Returning is not rewinding
Redoing is not replaying
Happiness is finding
A different way of graying

Verse 7: Can I please cut you out
Of this composition
These images scream too loud
About your intuition

Chorus 1: Some complain of hardships
I complain of satisfaction
Some struggle with unsteady lips
I struggle with attachment

Verse 8: As I look in the mirror
My skin has gone missing
My eyes are filled with shame and fear
Of the time we wasted kissing

Verse 9: I would return the years gone wasted
If life was a department store
I would return the times I tasted
Your lips I payed way too much for

Bridge: Some want a reaction
I just my shadows
Some want deep reflection
I just want my innocence

Chorus 2: I want to change the world so that
Growing young makes sense
Growing young makes sense
Growing young makes sense

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