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Song of sorrow

September 16, 2009
By Edante BRONZE, Longview, Washington
Edante BRONZE, Longview, Washington
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Song of Sorrow

Chorus: I leave you this my song of sorrow I cry the tears of a breaking heart you left me incomplete all alone as my heart slowly erodes no one to mend it the damage is done

Verse1: I no longer know what to feel happiness I can not feel and love to me is so unreal every one I loved has promised me heaven and put me through hell will I ever find the one to end this curse

Guitar solo

Chorus2: I leave you this my song of sorrow

Verse2: till then I make my self bleed just to feel a different kind of pain can you help me destroy this sickness that is plaguing my mind no matter what brings me happiness there’s always some one there to tear it down can you break the chains that bind me i’m waiting can you save me

Bass solo end of song

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