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November 18, 2022
By Ambiguous101 GOLD, Baxter, Minnesota
Ambiguous101 GOLD, Baxter, Minnesota
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The one word everyone can relate to

It has many different meanings

So many perspectives and views

And I have to tell you something

I just want you to know

That no matter what happens

You're seriously never alone

And this might suprise you

I know you better than you think I do

I remember every word of our conversations

That's the honest truth

I know you're scared of growing up

And that you think there's nobody out there for you

And you don't think you have much worth

I just wish that you knew

I'd give up everything for you

No questions asked

I know you're asking me why

And my answer would be the same as the last

You're so fun, and brave, and amazing

You're so beautiful, and caring, and talented

You're so kind, and funny, and breathtaking

You're so wild, and smart, and passionate

There are so many different attributes to you

And I know that you don't believe me when I say this

But you are so loved

By myself and your friends

You think you hide your emotions from people

And you really do

But when it comes to me

You don't, that's the truth

I can see right through your mask

That mask that you put on everyday 

The mask that makes you look

Like you're perfectly okay

S.M.B, I know I have hurt you in the past

You told me so

And I'll never forget those hurtful words

I just really hope you know

That if you ever need something

Just ask me

Please, I'm tired of the secrets

My heart just wants peace

I've never once been mad or upset with you

I just love you so much

That when you don't tell me things

I feel like I'm not enough

S.M.B, you're so amazing

And I really hope you know

That I'm always here for you

It's not just me, but you're never alone

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