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Been Thinking...

November 2, 2022
By RiqoPerea BRONZE, Logan, Utah
RiqoPerea BRONZE, Logan, Utah
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Life is mysterious, so instead of looking for it's secrets, I live it and let it unfold

I m g i n a t i o n (feat. shiloh dynasty) Lofi type beat




Just been thinkin man...

Heh, yeah just been thinkin


First, I got this thirst

That I just wanna fill

But it just keeps getting worse

I feel like I'm cursed

See my body in a hearse

And you know that it hurts

When you're always in the worst


Switch It



I'm just tryna reminisce and

Find my peace in premonitions

Finish the mission in my sickness

Let me be me, Don't mind my business

Don't mind my feelins


Can't see what I witnessed

Can't bring what I'm wishin


Cuz it seems impossible

See the heads and let roll

Let em blow, like the wind

I gotta go, don't miss the show, yea


See me lowered in the ground

And guess what I found

I found that it works

I found that I'm worth the dirt

I look at death, it always flirts

Failed the test and found my worth

And just like they say

The truth hurts...


Heh, but I don't listen

Never do


Next, I gotta get this off my chest

Before my last breathe

I know that I'm young

But I'm needin some rest

Wish there was more

But right now I'm at my best


And I don't deserve it

I didn't earn it

I didn't learn it

I feel so worthless

Is it all worth it

All this pain, just for one person

Losing my life, Call a surgeon




Is this the wrong way

Needless to say

I'm feeling okay

I'm feeling just fine

I feel in my prime

I'm losing my life, slowly

Miss all my homies

Missin the old me

That's dead and gone

Catchin my feelings

When I' writing a song

When it's the end, I'll right my wrongs

But until then, I don't belong




So where am I

Where is my mind at

Head in the sky

But stuck in a flytrap

Dead Inside

It's hard to Digest

I wanna fly

Just not my mindset

Fix me please

I'm just a project

I can't speak

What's my dialect


Before I transcend

The author's comments:

Sometimes I tend to think too much...

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