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August 19, 2021
By Elizabeth004 GOLD, Eastman, Georgia
Elizabeth004 GOLD, Eastman, Georgia
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im living in organized chaos and im good with it...

The world is turning slowly

Yet it always feels the same

My mind, it is uneasy

And im praying for some change

Maybe if i get out

Move myself far away

I could make a difference

Make the world a better place

I could earn some money

Then give it to the poor

Or i could play my songs

And theyd smile wanting more

Maybe theyd be happy

If i acted like a clown

Maybe theyed be happy

If they saw that i was down

Yeah, no matter how the world turns

Itll always stay the same

So im guessing that i give up

Cuz its never gonna change

The author's comments:

this is a short song i wrote about wanting the world to change for the better but later realizing it will always be the same no matter how hard you try...

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