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December 18, 2019
By Anonymous

I never thought it’d happen- no, not to me,

But every time I see you, I feel my heart squeeze.

The thing is- I’m falling in love, and it makes me feel ill.

Your love is killing me, but still, making me feel chill.

Your smile burns my interior, and makes me feel superior,

But oh, babe you make my love feel inferior.

You have hypnotized me, and I’m not surprised

Cause with those eyes I feel idolized.

Yeah, I want to be yours, I want you to be mine, 

And see how we together can feel offline. 

I want to walk with you in the long eternity

And hold your hand in front of the posterity.

Baby, I’m in love, but that’s not the end of the song

Cause I’m gonna be with you for too long

And I know you know, I may be done, 

But I won’t leave without saying, you are my sun.

The author's comments:

A song I write because I'm in love.

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