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heart broken

December 16, 2019
By raphealyounan BRONZE, Hemet, California
raphealyounan BRONZE, Hemet, California
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Roses are red

Violets are blue 

You left me drowning 

In sawro and sadness too

You told me that you loved me 

I told you that I loved you

I meant it but did you 

Apparently not

Told you I would take a bullet for you 

But then you still left 

Never took it but you leaving 

Felt like I did

I miss you 

With all my heart 

I miss you 

And all the memories 

I miss you 

And all the pictures 

Babygirl I am crazy about you 

My life ain’t nothing without yea

You’re my sunshine 

In my Strom 

There is something about loving you 

Like you were hand made for me

Like I was born to be hurt by you 

I want you 

I need you 

I can’t live without you

You’re my medicine

So plz don’t leave like this 

Plz come back home 

I forgot all the troubles we had

I forgot all the things you did

I just miss you 

And I need you 

I bet he can’t treat you as well as I can 

I bet he can’t trust you like I can

I bet he can’t love you like I can  

Isn’t it crazy that you’re the one I dream about 

And yet I can’t sleep

When I see you in my dream it turns into a nightmare 

Babygirl I wanna change that 

Baby, I can’t live without you  

So plz just give me the love I deserve 

And I will give you the love you deserve and more  

So come back in my arms 

Your my queen 

Your my life

Your my love 

Before you i was lost 

Tell me where you found me 

Tell me how you found me 

I need you 

In ma life

Cuz i cant live without ya

And if you thought i could then that would be a lie

A lie 

Cuz girl i love ya

And like i mentioned i need ya 

So plz come back to me

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