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We Are We

June 19, 2019
By Hamnah BRONZE, Lahore, Other
Hamnah BRONZE, Lahore, Other
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"don't compare your past to a future of infinite possibilities" -NZM

Life's not fair
World is so daring
You and me, we are both broke
I tried best
I know you did too
We can't change what we're not meant to
Let's live lives
Like we owe them
We're not what, what they told us
What if you're a male
And I'm a female
We don't care. We're both humans
Made by God
Meant to die
Let's go for fun till we pass out
Late night trips
Laying under starry sky
We ain't getting older till we both wanna die
They call us
they tell we're sinners
But you know they are just jealoused
We are we
Let's don't bother
Let them say and live what we wish for

The author's comments:

This song's written for my best friend. He isn't real though. He's just my imagination but still a friend's a friend. And it's not just for him but other boys I know in real life too. So the place where i live, it is considered bad for girls to be friends with boys in some families. My mom also some times tells me to stay away from them though not much. I still do hangout with some. So I wrote this song on my friendship with my friends.

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