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A Teenage Love Story

June 18, 2019
By this_gurl_sings BRONZE, Waverly, Minnesota
this_gurl_sings BRONZE, Waverly, Minnesota
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You tell me I'm not alone,

Then don't talk to me for a day. 

You say I'm beautiful,

Then tell others the same way.

You tell me we are forever .

You'll tell me you'll stay,

Then decide to go on active

And you go away.

I'm feeling so broken.

I'm feeling so weak.

And when I call you,

You won't even speak.

Leave me open for days.

Leave me open for years.

And everyday I lose

A waterfall of tears. 


This is a teenage love story,

that only lasted so long.

And my heart was broken,

So I'm writing a song.

I'll keep my head up.

I'll stay strong.

I'll wait for you.

But it feels wrong.

I'm down at the airport,

Writing in a notebook,

Wathcing the gates,

Hoping you'll show up.


It's been three months.

I'm getting scared.

When you come back,

Will our love be shared?

Maybe you'll move on

And drift away from me.

But for now I'm by the gates,

Waiting for you to see.

I'll jump in your arms 

And cry a few tears.

I'll kiss your face

For all the lost years.

Maybe in return,

You'll stay a while.

And be with me.

I missed your smile.


This is a teenage love story,

That ended so fast.

While you were away,

Your love passed.

You'll remin in my heart,

Even though it's broken.

And I'll remember the words

The last we've spoken.

The author's comments:

I'm dating a boy who is going into the military this fall and after bootcamp he told me he'll go to college, but now he's thinking of going active and it really broke my heart. This song is about how it'll feel to be away from him all the time and how lonely I'll feel.

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