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every time I see you

June 15, 2019
By rylin GOLD, Mangalore, Other
rylin GOLD, Mangalore, Other
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everytime i see you 

i remember of the days 

when we used to walk home together

and make promises to stay forever


but now it's all changed 

what have we gained

since we last saw each other

the night fell by and we bid goodbyes

in rage


everytime i see you 

i miss those days

when we used to laugh out

loudly on our mistakes


and i wonder 

why can't we change

all of these games

we got tangled into


don't you miss it

all the moments

and the tiffins we shared

oh baby did you really care?


everytime i see you 

i realise noone really stays.

it's time for some self care.

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